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Farm-Direct.co.uk first came into being because a group of farmers and smallholders who were on the internet and used the usenet news group UK.business.agriculture decided it would be useful to have a web site to inform the public of where they could find farmers who were willing to sell their own grown produce direct to the consumer.

So they began this site mainly put together by Charlie a self taught page writer. A place where farmers and growers could publish details of what they had for sale, this was all done on a free basis. Now it has grown out of its humble beginnings.

We are now expanding the whole site into something more. It is still a site where farmers can publish their details for free but after two years they are expected to pay a contribution towards running costs thus keeping it free for new farmers to join. We are also providing information about farms and farming as a resource for all, so now we have taken Derek on board, who is providing the web space and better expertise in website design.

We are now in a position to offer advertising and email services to all farmers. We're also providing small-ads advertising space and a news section which concentrates on information of interest to farmers that might be missed by the mainstream media. This site is ready to grow.


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