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Farms, farming, the countryside and farm fresh produce.

Everyone contributing to Farm-Direct has something to do with farming.

Here we explain about the way that farmers view the countryside. How farms work. The history of farming. What farmers grow and how and why and where and when.

We tell you:

  • the best places to go and see working farms, animals and crops.
  • how your food is grown and what happens to it on the way to the shops.
  • about farm shops and farmers who will sell you their fresh produce directly: Good wholesome British food straight off the farm, bred and grown the way British farmers want it for their own plates. Try it and then you'll know what's good for you!

And we might tell a few farmer's jokes as well.

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Farmers selling direct to the public. Find one in your area.

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Don't want to travel far? Some farmers come to town.

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Sat, 3 Jul 2010